Médecine esthétique Genève
Médecine esthétique Genève

Dr. Valéria romano


Having trained for several years in the techniques of the pioneer of modern aesthetic medicine, the Brazilian plastic surgeon Mauricio di Maio, I am constantly on the lookout for the Natural Touch in order to guarantee visible but natural enhancement.

The treatment is personalised and the aim is to enhance each patient’s anatomy without distorting it. Since childhood, I’ve had a passion for art and architecture.

To quote A. Einstein, “Goodness, beauty and truth were the ideals that illuminated my path and that, day after day, gave me the courage to face life in good humour”.

This passion has enabled me to develop an artistic eye and new techniques for beautifying the face and body.

dr romano Valeria Expert en médecine esthétique morphologique Paris

Registered with the Geneva Medical Association: GLN 7601002879613
Doctor of Medicine (CHU Paris VII)

Former intern at Paris  hospitals
Graduate of the Paris Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris 7 – Paris Diderot
Registered with the Paris Medical Association under number: 75/80452

Inter-university diploma in morphological and anti-ageing medicine
Inter-university diploma in mesotherapy
Inter-university diploma in surgical dermatology
University diploma in evaluation and control of injection and filling techniques in dermatology and plastic surgery
Inter-university diploma in the treatment of baldness
Inter-university diploma in medical lasers

«No outward grace is complete unless it is enlivened by inner beauty.
The beauty of the soul spreads like a mysterious light over the beauty of the body. »
Victor Hugo


Aesthetic medicine techniques

Aesthetic medicine treatments are non-invasive and give visible, natural results.

These gentle techniques beautify and rejuvenate without social eviction.

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La chirurgie n’est pas efficace contre la rétention d’eau et les inesthétismes superficiels.

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