Aesthetic medicine techniques for the body

Aesthetic medicine is a response to the body’s aesthetic needs.
The subjects (aesthetic or functional) discussed in consultation by patients are:
♦ Treatment of cellulite.
♦ Slimming.
♦ Buttock augmentation and lift.
♦ Treatment of wrinkles.
♦ Sagging skin.
♦ Sweating.

However, certain indications remain in the realm of surgery, hence the importance of a medical examination following which the doctor announces the possible results and the necessary protocol.
The results are natural and free from the heavy after-effects of surgery.

Reshaping your body without surgery is now possible.

The tools we have at our disposal include injections of Sculptra, botox, hyaluronic acid, Hyacorp, ultrasound or shock waves, radiofrequency, cryolipolysis, electromagnetic waves, etc. In short, this broad therapeutic arsenal enables an experienced doctor to respond to a wide range of requests.


Slimming is a frequent request for aesthetic medicine.
Even slim people can end up with rolls of fat…


Hands are an element of seduction. Over time, they change and betray a person’s age. It is often the discrepancy between the hands and the face that attracts attention…


Cellulite is a subcutaneous fat deposit that gives the typical ‘orange peel’ appearance.
Three factors come into play: fibrosis, oedema and the accumulation of fat…


Hyperhydrosis, or excessive sweating, is the excessive production of sweat by the sweat glands. This condition often has socio-professional repercussions…


Buttock augmentation is a frequent request for medical and cosmetic surgery.
Having a plump buttock has become very fashionable in recent years…