What is carboxytherapy ?

Carboxytherapy is an aesthetic medicine technique that involves injecting sterile medical CO2 gas under the skin.
This gas has been used in medicine for a century, guaranteeing its safety and absence of side effects.
The local increase in CO2 concentration increases blood flow, oxygenation and nutrition in the tissues injected.

Indications for carboxytherapy

This procedure improves skin hydration and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibres by skin cells. It has the advantage of being quick and can be carried out in any season and on any type of skin.
Indications are:
Stretch marks.
Moderate skin slackening.
Improvement of the jawls, through action on skin slackening.
Small wrinkles, particularly on the lower eyelid.
Brown dark circles.
Wrinkling of the elbows and knees.

This technique is contraindicated in pregnant women or in the case of treatment with anticoagulants.

Course of the session

The injection is carried out on disinfected skin after photographs have been taken.
For body treatments, I recommend applying an anaesthetic cream one hour before the session.
A very fine needle is used, and the depth of injection, the number of injections and the angle of the needle depend on the indication.
The protocol involves around ten sessions, one week apart. The result should be maintained by two or three sessions every two months.


This technique improves the suppleness, elasticity and texture of the skin.
Results are slight and vary from one patient to another.
The only exception is cellulite, which is considerably improved by carboxytherapy. Nevertheless, several sessions are necessary: fifteen sessions at one-week intervals as an attack treatment and a maintenance session every fortnight for life!

I recommend this technique more as a preventive treatment, particularly on the areas of the body where the signs of ageing appear most quickly: eyelids, knees, elbows, oval of the face, buttocks.
A session every month and a half will then be carried out.


Type of consultation

Prices generally charged


100 CHF per session

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