Jawline contouring for men

The ‘mandibula de diamante’ is a technique for injecting the mandibular line and chin in men to make the lower part of the face squarer and wider in order to make it more virile.
The result is reminiscent of the tip of a diamond, hence the name.
These strong, angular features enhance sex appeal and give character and attractiveness to the face.

Aesthetic criteria

The lower third of the aesthetically ideal male face is broad, with a wide, square, angular chin and a well-defined, projected, angular mandibular angle opening at around 120° (the male angle is slightly more closed than the female). The virility of the male face is essentially given by the lower third.

The chin
The chin is an essential element of the lower third of the face and increases its attractiveness. Its shape, projection, rotation and height are determined by the bone structure, muscles and fat, nevertheless they can be modified by hyaluronic acid injections.
The mandibular line
The mandibular line extends from the chin to the mandibular angle. The lack of definition in this area may be genetic or linked to ageing: over time, the bone resorbs and the tissues sag, making the jawline less clear.
Mandibular angle
The prominence of the mandibular angle is important for a youthful and attractive lower third of the face. Its projection gives character to the face.

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The Diamond Mandible

Hyaluronic acid injections are the first-line treatment for shaping the diamond mandible. The surgical equivalent is the fitting of prostheses.
Injections are performed using a cannula and a needle.
The needle technique is used to inject boluses of hyaluronic acid deep into the bone to support the structures.
The cannula technique is used to add volume and definition. The product is injected deep into the subcutaneous tissue.
The injection session lasts approximately fifteen minutes and no social eviction is necessary. Normal activities can be resumed immediately.

The treatment aims to create :
A more defined mandibular angle : the injection of hyaluronic acid at the mandibular angle gives a clear definition between the neck and the face and gives power to the face.
A straight jawline : injection of hyaluronic acid along the mandibular line defines the line and lifts drooping tissues.
A wide, square chin : injecting hyaluronic acid into the chin improves the proportions of the face and gives a slightly ‘more athletic’ character to the lower third of the face.

Results and follow-up

Depending on the desired result and the anatomy of each patient, the number of syringes used varies: three to fifteen syringes are needed for the face.
Results last approximately one year.


Type of consultation

Prices generally charged

Hyaluronic acid

600 CHF per syringe

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