Skin prevent

What is Skin Prevent ?

Skin ageing is characterised by a loss of tone, the appearance of fine lines, a dull complexion and a lack of luminosity and hydration. These changes can be treated using aesthetic medicine techniques (find out more about Skin Restore), but the best results are obtained by preventing them from appearing: this is the principle behind the Skin Prevent protocol.

Causes of skin ageing

Skin ageing is caused by:
Intrinsic factors: genetics and cellular ageing due to the passage of time.
Extrinsic factors: in particular sun exposure and smoking. It is important to integrate the dangerousness of these two habits responsible for serious pathologies (cancers, respiratory diseases…) and premature skin ageing.
The appearance of wrinkles (find out more about wrinkle filling) is due to the action of facial muscles, the reduction and displacement of fat volumes and the loss of bone support.

The Skin Prevent protocol treatments

The aim of the treatment is to prevent the appearance of the signs of ageing, a sort of quest for eternal youth.

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This hyaluronic acid, designed exclusively for the skin, prevents skin ageing. It densifies the dermis and produces deep, long-lasting hydration.
This injection should be carried out twice a year.

PRP and mesolift

The mixture of PRP, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, trace elements and hyaluronic acid intensely moisturises the skin, making it denser and preventing it from drying out. This injection should be carried out once a year.

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The PRXT33 peel

The PRXT33 peel stimulates the skin deep down. In this peel, 33% TCA molecules are complexed with hydrogen peroxide.  Thanks to this unique composition, there is no exfoliation, but only a densifying action and an attractive radiance boost.
Ideally, this peel should be performed every three months and at least twice a year.

Hyaluronic acid lift

Intelligent dots of hyaluronic acid lift the face and restore volumes that change over time. The youthful triangle is thus restored.
This injection can be carried out every six or twelve months.

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A natural botox

Botox injections are performed twice a year. Expression lines and rest lines, caused by muscular activity, are erased, the eyes are opened and the face is not frozen.
Early treatment prevents the deepening of wrinkles, which can no longer be treated if they are too deep. The rested effect is visible seven days after the injection.


The result is natural: a real, immediate “glow” effect.
While a healthy glow and a ‘fresh look’ are always welcome, the real benefit of the treatment is to preserve the youthful appearance of the face over time.
There are no after-effects. Any small haematomas are easily covered by make-up.
You can resume your usual activities immediately.


Type of consultation



250 CHF per session


400 CHF per syringe

Peeling PRX-T33

250 CHF per session


500 CHF per session

Hyaluronique acid

600 CHF per syringe

Botox for the upper face

For women 1 zone: 300 CHF, two zones: 450 CHF, three zones 600 CHF
For men 1 zone: 350 CHF, two zones: 500 CHF, three zones 650 CHF

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