Skin restore

What are the signs of ageing skin ?

The SKIN RESTORE protocol is designed for patients over forty. It can be seen as a fountain of youth for hydrated, elastic, dense skin. This aesthetic medicine treatment restores the skin in depth.

Skin is the first contact we make with others, and its freshness is essential for sending out messages of youth and beauty.

The skin restore protocol on video

Skin ageing is characterised by :

A reduction in skin thickness.
The sagging of the face due to the loss of deep tissues.
The appearance of wrinkles.

There are many causes:
Sun exposure and smoking are the main factors in extrinsic ageing of the skin.
Age and genetics.
Poor hydration and lack of sleep.
Hormonal changes.
A diet low in fibre, protein, omega 3 and omega 6.

Skin ageing treatments

A number of changes appear on an ageing face. The treatment will therefore be tailored to the needs of each patient.

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The injection of a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid has a dual action:
Moisturising, thanks to the active ingredients injected.
Dermal stimulation, the mechanical action of the injections stimulates the skin cells, which will synthesise more collagen. In fact, injecting with a gun allows around a hundred injections to be made per minute.
This treatment is a real beauty routine, recommended at a frequency of one session every two months.

Dr Romano’s topping

Topping is a technique that combines injections of PRP with intelligent, targeted dots of hyaluronic acid.
PRP, platelet-rich plasma, hydrates the skin, improves local vascularisation and therefore tissue regeneration. It stimulates collagen synthesis.
Hyaluronic acid injections in the lift technique are personalised, restoring the triangle of youth by lifting ptosis tissues and erasing wrinkles caused by the loss of these tissues.

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Botox injections

Botox can be used to treat expression lines in the upper third of the face.


Skinbooster injections restore dermal thickness. The deepest layer of the skin, the dermis, thins over time. As the dermis contributes to skin hydration and density, the skin looks like a baby after treatment with skin boosters.
A session once or twice a year is recommended.

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Sculptra is a collagen synthesis inducer. It contains polylactic acid, a product that has long been used in medical sutures.
It does not add volume; the product comes in the form of a powder to be reconstituted. The aim is to stimulate the cells to produce denser skin and subcutaneous tissue.
The technique used is the ‘sandwich’ technique: the injection is made at different depths in order to stimulate all the anatomical layers making up the face.
The results are progressive, and within three months the face is restored.

Protocol and results

The result is immediate or progressive depending on the treatment carried out:
The result is immediate for: botox, the hyaluronic acid injection lift technique, mesolift and PRP.
The result is visible one month later for skinbooster injections.
The result is visible three months later for Sculptra injections.
The after-effects are simple, haematomas rare and discreet, and the return to normal activities is immediate

The protocol includes:
An annual injection of Sculptra.
An annual injection of skinbooster.
A botox injection twice a year.
A lift technique injection of hyaluronic acid once or twice a year.
Mesolift sessions between two and four times a year.
An annual injection of PRP.


Type of consultation



250 CHF per session


400 CHF per syringe


800 CHF per bottle


500 CHF per session

Hyaluronic acid

600 CHF per syringe

Botox for the upper face

For women 1 zone: 300 CHF, two zones: 450 CHF, three zones: 600 CHF
For men 1 zone: 350 CHF, two zones: 500 CHF, three zones: 650 CHF

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