AESthetics for men

Aesthetic medicine consultations for men are on the increase.
We’re seeing a real explosion in the number of appointments, because men today are paying more attention to their physical appearance.
What do they want? To be handsome, sexy, rested, attractive, virile, rejuvenated, to have a sculpted body… while remaining natural.
The aesthetic approach is completely different from the one we have for women. The preservation of certain expression lines, for example, is recommended for men and avoided for women.

The aesthetic medical procedures most commonly performed on men are:
Treatment of wrinkles.
Masculinisation of the face.
Virilisation of the lower third of the face: the mandibula de diamante.
The improvement of the complexion.
Hair management.
Taking care of the body.

Male beauty

Today’s men are more and more demanding, they take care of their bodies, their faces…

Mandibula de diamante

The ‘mandibula de diamante’ is a technique for injecting the mandibular line and chin in men to make them more square …

Masculinizing the face

Facial masculinisation is a medical technique invented to masculinise a man’s facial features…