What is a hollow eye ?

A hollow eye is an empty eye at the level of the upper eyelid. It is to be distinguished from a round eye where the sclera (white part of the eyeball) is less covered by the eyelids. A hollow eye often gives the impression of a round eye, but these are two different conditions.
Hollow eyes age the eyes and make them look tired. A young eye is a full eye!

Why do eyes become hollow ?

The hollowing of the eye is the result of a loss of fat and/or bone volume. Bone resorbs over time, and the speed and extent of this process is genetically determined.
The lack of fat can be constitutional (hollow eyes in young people), secondary to an aggressive blepharoplasty or caused by ageing.
It is often associated with other changes in the orbital region, which aggravate the tired appearance :
The appearance of eyelid wrinkles and crow’s feet.
The drooping of the eyebrow.
The drooping of the outer corner of the eye.
Sagging skin on the upper eyelid.

How can hollow eyes be corrected?  Hyaluronic acid injections to fill the hollow eye

The upper eyelid is filled by injecting hyaluronic acid in aesthetic medicine and by lipofilling the upper eyelid in cosmetic surgery.

I use a hyaluronic acid that is virtually non-hydrophilic, such as Restylane, which is injected with a cannula along the upper orbital rim.
The number of syringes used varies between one and three, beyond which I recommend a surgical procedure.
The filling must be gradual to allow the product to settle correctly. I often inject a single syringe (for both eyes) per session. The sessions should be spaced two months apart. 

Few practitioners carry out this type of injection, given the technical difficulty involved.
A botched injection can cause:
Surface irregularities, you get the typical wave-like appearance.
Closure of the eyes due to overfilling.
Permanent oedema.
A Tyndall effect (the acid turns purple).
Apparent balls due to injection in a plane that is too superficial.

Depending on the patient’s needs and requirements, a comprehensive eye treatment is carried out:

Treatment of crow’s feet wrinkles.
Opening the look.
Filling in the temples.
Treatment of dark circles and tear trough.

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Results and side-effects

The result is not really immediate. The eyelids are swollen at the end of the session. This swelling increases to a greater or lesser extent in the days that follow.
The final result is obtained three weeks after the injection. The eyes look fresher and younger. The face appears brighter.
Haematomas are rare.
Touch-ups are carried out every two years, and only one syringe is needed, regardless of the quantity used for the first injection.


Type of consultation


Hyaluronic acid

800 CHF per syringe

Other Areas To Be Treated

Valley of Tears

Eyebrow lift

Dark circles