What is an eyebrow lift ?

The eyebrow is a key element of the eye. Its position, shape and curvature rejuvenate and beautify the eyes.
An eyebrow that is too low makes the eyes look heavy and dark. Too high an eyebrow gives a surprised, dazed look.
An unshaped eyebrow does not enhance the eyes and makes the orbital rim visible, ageing the eyes and giving a tired look.

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Changes to the eyebrow with age

Eyebrow changes with age:
Loss of curve: The factor responsible is the melting of eyebrow fat. The latter loses its natural curve and softness, the bone is denuded. The eye appears hollow, the look sad and aged.
Eyebrow drooping, often accompanied by lowering of the upper eyelid. The causes are sagging skin, loss or fall of eyebrow fat, downward traction from the eyebrow lowering muscles (orbicularis oculi, corrugator and depressor supercilii muscles).

A beautiful eyebrow

The shape, position and shape of the eyebrow must be harmonious with the face, but there are certain proportions and criteria:

Depending on gender:
In women, the eyebrow is curved, with the tail raised. It is higher placed than the male eyebrow.
In men, the eyebrow is at the level of the bony rim, it is horizontal and thicker.

Distances and proportions: The ideal eyebrow does not exist, nevertheless a morphological diagram defines the classic criteria according to three lines and four distances:
The head of the eyebrow is at the line that connects the wing of the nose to the inner canthus (inner corner) of the eye.
The highest point of the eyebrow is at the line that connects the wing of the nose to the centre of the iris.
The tail of the eyebrow is at the line that connects the wing of the nose to the outer canthus of the eye.

The four distances are as follows: The distance from the crease of the upper eyelid to the lower edge of the eyebrow is 15 to 16mm; the distance from the eyebrow to the middle of the pupil is 25mm, the distance from the eyebrow to the hairline is about 50mm, the distance from the eyebrow to the upper orbital rim is about 10mm.

Ageing of the eyebrow : 
There are different stages of severity of eyebrow ageing:
Stage 0: well-arched eyebrow.
Stage 1: moderately arched eyebrow.
Stage 2: slightly arched eyebrow.
Stage 3: flat appearance of eyebrow, tired appearance.
Stage 4: flat appearance of eyebrow, very tired appearance.

Eyebrow lift without surgery

Two techniques are used to beautify the eyebrow: hyaluronic acid injections and botox injections.

Eyebrow filling using hyaluronic acid injections

This injection must be carried out by an experienced doctor who is familiar with the procedure. A botched injection will cause the eyebrow to droop and surface irregularities to appear.
I inject using a cannula. The firmness and viscosity of the product are chosen according to the patient’s anatomy. The area injected also depends on the local anatomy.
I prefer deep injections: the product is placed against the bone; sometimes I can combine this with a more superficial injection.
Filling in the upper eyelid, hollow temples and dark circles often completes the eye treatment.

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Botox eyebrow lift

The principle is to use the existing physiological muscle balance in the eyebrow.
The lowering muscles (i.e. the muscles responsible for crow’s feet and frown lines) are blocked, leaving the sole lifting muscle, the frontal muscle (i.e. the muscle responsible for horizontal forehead wrinkles), to act.
The analysis carried out before the treatment is essential for the result. In the case of a drooping forehead, for example, it will not be possible to raise the eyebrows.
This treatment does not treat sagging skin or excessive fatty deposits, which will only be improved (these are treated surgically).

Results and aftercare

The result of these aesthetic medicine techniques is a restoration of the shape and proportions of the eyebrow.
The face is rested and rejuvenated, with open eyes.
The results of botox injections are visible seven days after the injection, and last five to six months.
The results of hyaluronic acid injections are immediate and last for a year.


Type of consultation


Hyaluronic acid

650 CHF per syringe


450 CHF

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Hollow eye

Valley of Tears

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