rejuvenation of the neck and neckline without cosmetic surgery

The neck, décolleté and hands were neglected areas in the past, but we now understand the importance of taking care of them.
These areas are not immune to the signs of ageing and betray a person’s age, not least because of the contrast that often exists with the face.

Nevertheless, wrinkles and sagging skin can bother very young patients :
♦ On the neck, for example, we have had horizontal wrinkles, the Venus collar, since adolescence.
♦ In the décolleté, lying on one’s side while sleeping is responsible for the early appearance of wrinkles between the breasts.

Aesthetic lasers, hyaluronic acid and botox injections effectively treat the unsightliness of these areas.

Double chin

A double chin is a small lump under the chin that affects men and women of all ages…

Sagging neck

Sagging is one of the signs of ageing in the neck. It appears gradually and is also responsible for the loss of definition of the oval of the face…

Neck and décolleté wrinkles

Just as the face ages, so do the neck and décolleté. While it’s possible to conceal these parts of the body during the winter months, the presence of wrinkles during the summer months…