The face is the first contact we make with others. Today it is possible to improve facial features, reduce the signs of ageing and redefine the structure of the face using aesthetic medicine techniques.

Redefining the face with cosmetic procedures

How can you have a beautiful face without surgery? This section looks at techniques for creating or restoring facial volumes that have been lost over the years.
Hyaluronic acid injections are the mainstay of the treatment.
Thanks to technical advances in aesthetic medicine, it is now possible to feminise, masculinise and lift the face without cosmetic surgery. The results will be natural and harmonious..


The jowl is a small fatty mass located on either side of the chin and extending beyond the mandibular line.


The forehead is the main feature of the upper third of the face. Its shape makes the face masculine or feminine, and the presence of hollows or bumps influences the way light is captured…


In aesthetic medicine, there are two main reasons for consulting a specialist
the cheeks: hollow cheeks and cheek wrinkles…


Lips are an asset to beauty, femininity and charm. Every woman wants to have full, full lips…


The chin is an essential part of the face. If in the past its role was neglected, today it is recognised that its shape and projection…


How can I get rid of a bump on the nose without surgery? How can I raise the tip of my nose without surgery?


Like the face, the ears undergo changes with age. The lobes become slack and wrinkled, preauricular wrinkles appear…


The cheekbones are located between the cheek and the nose, below the orbital region.
A symbol of youth and beauty, they are an essential part of the face…


The temples are located on either side of the forehead. Anatomically, they are made up of skin, superficial and deep temporal fat…