Masculinizing the Face in Aesthetic Medicine

What is facial masculinization?

Facial masculinization is a medical technique invented to masculinize a man’s facial features.
The procedure responds to a personal request (features that are too soft, a source of complex) or a professional request (desire to give the face more charisma and energy).
A growing number of men are resorting to this technique.

Characteristics of the male face

Beauty canons change over the years, nevertheless certain features are considered timelessly sexy and virile :
Square, projected jaws, well-defined mandibular angle.
The wide, forward chin.
Low, horizontal eyebrows, tenebrous gaze, fairly projected brow bone.
High, rectangular cheekbones.
Straight nose.
The wide face with a small height of the middle third of the face.

Facial masculinization techniques

Facial masculinization is achieved through hyaluronic acid and botox injections.
The aesthetic approach must :
Take into account the existing relationships between the different elements of the face and try to bring them closer to the perfect ratio, the golden ratio : this is beautiPHIcation of the face.
Treat any sagging caused by age : this is the 8-points face lift technique.
Create a play of light and shadow to accentuate angular features : this is the 7/9-points shape technique.
Make the various elements more virile.

The most important elements to treat are the chin, which should be square and forward, and the jaw, which should be wide and square : this is the diamond mandible technique. The nose and forehead should be straight, the eyebrow low and the cheekbones high and rectangular.

Results and follow-up

Results are immediate and last about a year. No social eviction is necessary, and you can resume your usual activities after the injections. Haematomas are rare.
Virilization of the features gives the face a more assertive character, which often boosts self-confidence.


Type of consultation

Prices generally charged

Hyaluronic acid

600 CHF per syringe for most indications. For some indications the
the price per syringe varies between 650 and 750 CHF.

Botox upper face

1 zone: 300 CHF, two zones: 450 CHF, three zones 600 CHF.

Other Areas To Be Treated

Aesthetic for men

Mandibula de diamante