Anti-ageing solutions for men

In the past, cosmetic medicine techniques were mainly performed on women. Today, men are increasingly demanding them, taking care of their bodies and faces and showing an interest in anti-ageing solutions.

Male beauty

There are universal criteria for masculine beauty: virility, harmony, youth, strength, balance, an imposing and dark face, a sculpted body…Aesthetic medicine treatments aim to sublimate the masculine image…

The young man

Over time, two changes age the face: the appearance of wrinkles and changes in facial volumes.
The former (namely forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet wrinkles, nasolabial folds, bitterness folds) are treated with hyaluronic acid and botox injections.
The latter (tissue sagging and fat loss) are corrected using medical lift technique.

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The virile man

The masculine features of the face are accentuated or created by hyaluronic acid injections. These are the techniques used to masculinize the face and the diamond mandible.

The man with a beautiful, harmonious body

A harmonious figure is reflected in shapely muscle masses and the absence of fat bulges.
EMSculpt is an effective technique for increasing muscle mass and defining it. The protocol involves an initial phase of four sessions and a maintenance session every three months.
Cryolipolysis is a cold slimming technique that is effective on localised fat deposits. The protocol involves one or two sessions.

The healthy man

Beauty should reflect an image of good health and vitality, and this is achieved by taking care of the hair and complexion.

The hair

Alopecia is often associated with a loss of vitality and strength. In most cases, men suffer from androgenic alopecia, which is linked to hormones and genetics. The treatments offered by aesthetic medicine can slow down the process, but a perfect result can be achieved with a hair transplant.
Two treatments are possible to boost hair growth and vitality :
PRP : the patient’s plasma is injected using a mesotherapy technique into the scalp. The initial treatment involves a session every two months, after which an annual maintenance session is required. The advantage of this treatment, compared with mesocheveux, is that it stimulates hair regrowth.
Mesohair : a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid and trace elements is injected into the scalp. These products ‘nourish’ the hair, improving its thickness, strength and shine without stimulating regrowth. The initial treatment involves six sessions at two-week intervals, followed by a maintenance session three times a year.


Two treatments are available to improve the complexion :
The PRX-T33 peel : the light exfoliation and skin densification obtained by this type of peel slow down skin ageing and give a healthy glow. For a lasting radiance boost, we recommend a session every three months. This procedure does not cause social eviction, and normal activities can be resumed immediately.
Skinbooster : this hyaluronic acid, designed exclusively for restoring skin thickness, restores the skin’s firmness and hydration. We recommend one or two sessions per year.


Type of consultation

Prices generally charged

Hyaluronic acid

600 CHF per syringe

Botox upper face

1 zone: 300 CHF, two zones: 450 CHF, three zones: 600 CHF.


200 CHF per session


400 CHF per syringe


600 CHF per session


200 CHF per session

PRP cheveux

500 CHF per session


500 CHF per session

Other Areas To Be Treated

Mandibula de diamante

Masculinizing the face